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Feng Shui and Mandala Course

For Animal Welfare


Feng Shui and Mandala course for animal welfare

We are a family owned and operated business.

• Balance the energy of the spaces in your home or office? • Search for internal, personal balance, learning to use healing resources?

• Improve the energy of your pet's environment, allowing it to rest and play properly?

• Identify points of energy obstruction, as well as possibilities to break this obstruction?

• Build your home / clinic keeping the energy circulating properly, bringing harmony and balance to your home / work environment?

• Learn to build mandalas for healing and balance? So ... take part in our Feng Shui course for tutors and veterinarians. In this course you will learn all this and more ...

• What is I Ching;

• What is Feng shui and what are the different developments; • How to assess the environment and make the necessary corrections; • Realize that you are an energy course, how to conduct and reorganize your energy with different resources;

• Evaluate the behavior and health of your animal, being able to collaborate with its well-being.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Workload : 64 hours
Duration: 4   months
Format: Face-to-face
Coordinator: Renata Dalla Vale and Ana Cambria

Start:   JUNE / 2020

Price : 4 x R $ 430.00

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